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Edward Christian & Co - Our Services

Edward Christian & Co is a recently established Chartered Accounting Practice based in Eastbourne, Wellington. The founding principal and director of Edward Christian & Co is Eddie Jansen. Eddie and Maree live in Eastbourne with a young family.

The key focus of Edward Christian & Co is working with clients to develop and grow their business in a collaborative way working with their clients in a commercial advisory partnership role. It is our desire to work alongside you every step of the way. 

Our aim is to maintain a personalised service, designed for your business requirements from the outset, with continuous development according to business growth and requirements. Edward Christian & Co aims to provide the services that you need to succeed in business.

During his time with some of the largest chartered accounting firms in New Zealand Eddie noted that many business owners were reluctant to seek commercial or accounting advice from their accountant or business advisor for a number of reasons. On many occasions this reluctance stemmed from a lack of relationship and confidence in their accountant, and the fact that their advisor actually did not understand their business - the majority of accountants were not proactive and timely around their service offerrings and genuinely had a reluctance to discuss wider commercial advice with their clients. They preferred the safe option of being compliance advisors as opposed to business advisors with the experience and confidence to provide guidance as to the future direction of the business, even if that only meant being a sounding board for the business owner.The reality is that ongoing business advice must be sourced when required, in some ongoing manner, for the benefit of the business. The input of your accountant is independent and enables a more robust decision making process to be attained within the business. To obtain the maximum benefit from the relationship between the business operator and their advisor it is critical that a level of communication occurs at an agreed level so that the advisor obtains a working understanding of the business and therefore enabling quality advice and direction to be obtained which is relevant to the business. Key areas of success under such a arrangement would include:-

 -  Increased profitability

 -  Future growth opportunities being identified and implemented at a faster rate

 - Tax compliance requirements being met with less hassle

 - Strategy being developed for short, medium, and long term success

 - Survival of the business, partcularly in the current environment 

 - Owner peace of mind

 - Exit and succession planning developed to maximise value and control timing

However valid the reasons for obtaining business advice it has been our experience many business owners were and still are delaying the decision to seek advice from their accountants, subsequently paying a price for not doing so.

Our aim at Edward Christian & Co is to understand your business, working alongside you in a ‘partnership style’ to deliver on-going advice as it is needed, in a timely manner – not in a panic at the last minute when the bank becomes concerned  or the IRD commences an audit! The current economic cycle presents many businesses with many opportunities and our expertise in business development and commercial arena is an asset that we can employ to assist our clients.

Edward Christian & Co wishes to have an open and transparent relationship with all of their clients, maintaining a high level of communication which does not cost the earth. We place our focus on the quality of our service and the value that it delivers. 

Typically we like to agree our fees up front, prior to the commencement of work so that there are no surprises, and we offer a range of payment options including monthly or even weekly payments – basically whatever suits you. These principals are consistent with our continuous partnership relationship philosophy as opposed to talking to you once a year and sending your annual accounts and taxation returns in the mail! We understand that cost does matter but feel that our clients will tell you that at Edward Christian & Co our cost/benefit equation is a sound proposition.

Our value proposition is proven, and you would be surprised at how little our partnership model costs compared to the value added around growth opportunities, taxation savings/compliance peace of mind, and wellbeing of your business.

We are experienced in a range of business sizes from small business to multi-million dollar enterprises. Our strength is practical commercial advice, we are not just ‘bean counters’ so whether it be taxation compliance or advice, bank funding proposals, or complex business restructures we can handle it all comfortably.

We do have a number of specialist areas, with considerable experience in;

   - Hospitality [including operational experience in restaurants, catering, hotels & taverns]

   - Franchising assessment and implementation

   - Restructuring, pre/post liquidation and receivership experience

   - Funding and feasibility analysis, especially bank funding applications

   - Sport and Not for Profit organisations

   - Strategic business advice

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We are happy to have a no obligation chat with you at any stage so please call or email Eddie now - all details on our Contact  us page.