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Business Advisory & Growth 

We believe that one of the most important reasons to obtain financial and business advice, particularly from your accountant is that they provide you as the business owner with sound commercial advice based on training and experience which enables you to run your business as efficiently as possible, positioning for growth, and having a structured plan for growth.

All too often accountants focus on the financial compliance aspect of the relationship. Whilst compliance is an important factor in your business it is very much historic 'bean counting' which has limited impact on business growth and development. Certainly we must look to the past to improve the future but certainly some form of forward thinking advice and strategy to grow the business is what will make things better, more profitable, and give greater confidence in success!

Business advisory is a wide-sweeping term which encompasses many elements. One of the key components of sound business advisory advice is experience. We believe that this experience can generally only be obtained over time with practical experience in the commercial arena. You will see from our profile section that we have significant hands-on business experience which we believe translates into a a great business advisory practice!

Our service fits all business sizes and we will custom fit our advisory services to your requirements. For the small business this may mean less regular discussions about performance and strategy - improvements that make business better or more profitable. The larger business model may dictate a specific allocation of time, with the business principals, to develop business plans and strategy. It may be simple cash flow projections [critical in the current environment] or comprehensive budgets, 1-3-5 year plans and projections, or a feasibility study - we can do it all alongside you.

Recent Business Advisory Services provided, prior to the commencement of Edward Christian & Co include:

- Advising on corporate merger in beverage industry

- Involvement in F&B franchising opportunities in Japan

- Structuring advice for a new group of companies ensuring tax minimisation

- Development of financial projections for bank funding across three combined businesses

- Structuring client Accounts Receivable to use PPSR for increased security

- Negotiation of lease terms for large commercial property

The above represents a small portion of the diverse range of tasks undertaken by the principals of Edward Christian & Co, illustrating our confidence in the ability to help you optimise current and future business performance.

If you believe that you need to obtain that business edge with an experienced advisory partner, or your current advisor or accountant is simply not providing you with the service and advice that you require to advance your business please give Eddie a call, in confidence, on 04 562 8394 or refer to our Contact us page to obtain further contact details.

We can help you and look forward to doing so.